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Dr Nicola Harrison provides consultations to private individuals and companies from a range of different backgrounds, covering everyone from executives of public companies to international artists.

Harrison joined ROC (which has two private clinics, in London and Aberdeen) in 2013, following a five-year stint as an NHS GP. She became medical director for the Harley Street clinic in 2017, where she works alongside founder and CEO Dr Cristina Romete.

‘I feel the basis of medicine is giving information to the patient in an easy enough format that they can make an informed choice under my supervision,’ Harrison tells Spear’s.

‘When patients come to see me looking awkward, saying they have googled their symptoms and that they “know it’s not what they should be doing”, I explain that, on the contrary, it is excellent that they are taking an interest in their health, and I help to guide them through the information they may have read about, using the latest guidance and anecdotal evidence from previous patients, so that I can reassure that it is unlikely to be cancer, for example, and use my clinical acumen and arrange fast investigations as required.’

As a GP, Harrison has a special interest in allergy, genomics and executive screening. During her ‘ongoing quest’ for novel solutions to patient issues, she came across a light treatment for allergic rhinitis (an inflammation of the nose lining, as happens in hay fever sufferers) that has excellent data behind it and is noninvasive, meaning that patients would prefer this to using daily nasal sprays and anti-histamines.

‘We became the first UK doctors to provide Rhinolight treatment to our patients,’ says Harrison. ‘The outcomes have been impressive and patients’ reported symptoms have decreased enormously.

Dr Harrison practices by the motto that ‘forewarned is fore -armed’, and always recommends that patients have annual well man and well woman check-ups.

‘I am a great believer in clear information presented in patient leaflets, and regularly write for the ROC blog about current GP topics, which I can then signpost patients to for more information,’ she adds.

As part of this desire to keep people informed on the latest health and wellbeing developments, Harrison is also the resident GP the parenting website Annabel Karmel.com, and was previously a regular columnist for the women’s health and beauty magazine Look.

Dr Nicola Harrison
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