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Based in Belgravia, the OAD Clinic brings together over 30 years of clinical experience treating alcohol and drug-related problems, anxiety, depression and opioid analgesic (painkillers) dependence. D’Agnone, the clinic’s founder, has been invited to teach about these innovative treatment approaches in the UK and Europe and the clinic has also been named in international journals of addiction treatment.

‘We are a leading centre for innovation and treatment of addiction and mental health problems,’ says D’Agnone. ‘We treat many high-profile patients from the UK, US, Europe and Middle East, who come to us in search of cutting-edge bespoke treatment approach.’

Patients are often high up in the business or entertainment world. ‘We have to ensure they are fully functional and ready to return to their families and jobs,’ says D’Agnone. ‘Many of these patients have huge professional responsibilities; therefore our approach has to be creative and personalised at the same time. We always go the extra mile when needed.’ Testimonials are glowing, and patients clearly appreciate the clinic’s bespoke and flexible approach to their specific needs that could be related to their work, family situation, culture or time limitations. ‘I’m always treated with dignity. Respect is a two-way process and I treat everyone with respect here, and I’m sure I feel respected in every way,’ says one client.

D’Agnone has more than 35 years’ experience as a consultant psychiatrist, and is dedicated to helping patients and families suffering the consequences of mental health problems, addiction and alcohol dependence. ‘Over the years I have taught in several American and European universities and institutions, I have published a myriad of scientific papers in international journals, and also have been scientific adviser to governments on public health topics,’ he says. ‘I had the privilege of working with Harvard Medical International in the 1990s when I was a young consultant. That international experience opened my eyes and expanded my understanding of the delivery of treatment in different countries, cultures and circumstances. That also applies to individuals, and that is what we offer in our clinic.’

Painkiller dependence is a growing problem, according to D’Agnone, who says that abstinence is just one part of this process, but not a precondition of it. ‘Unlike many other addiction treatment providers, we focus on helping patients and families to regain control of their lives, being able to love and being loved, to be functional and productive,’ he says.

Dr Oscar D’Agnone
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