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Dr Sabika Karim knew she was going to be a doctor by the age of 10 – and she describes herself as being ‘on a mission to help people feel better and more comfortable in their own skin.’

She is co-founder and Medical Director of Revere Clinics, a leading aesthetic medical practice that she co-founded in 2011 with Sach Mohan. Both doctors have over 10 years’ experience in the field. Karim completed medical training at Kings College London and trained for membership of the Royal College of GPs.

Revere Clinics currently has around 8,500 patients. It offers close to 50 services, possesses over £2 million in gold standard laser equipment, has a team of 12 staff members and hosts an academy that trains 200 doctors from around the world in various procedures every year.

Karim heads Revere’s Northwood clinic where she treats a range of patients. ‘From the local gym-going yummy mummies of suburbia, to global clients that fly in for treatments, my patients want assurance that they will receive only treatments that will keep them looking like themselves – and my promise to them is that they will leave looking and feeling better, not different.’

In terms of trends, Karim says that her clients generally want to look natural, instead of looking “done”. ‘Plastic surgery is on a downward trend in the UK, while non-surgical procedures are growing at an exponential rate,’ she tells Spear’s. ‘Surgical procedures can be painful, and some procedures such as the Brazilian Bottom Lift can be dangerous. You can achieve very similar results with less risk and significantly reduced downtime with non-surgical procedures. We have also seen a surge of interest in our bodyscultping treatments – such as Coolsculpting, TruSculpt ID and our Sculptra Bottom Lift. In addition to this, I have introduced my signature single needle puncture bottom lift technique, which has been hugely successful for the clinic and my patients alike.’

Last year, Revere increased its headcount by 30 per cent, and is now seeing more patients than ever before. In addition to lecturing at and being on the faculty for the industry’s most notable conferences, the clinic has also won Safety In Beauty’s Aesthetic Doctor Of The Year award, a peer-nominated countrywide competition. ‘We are very proud of our achievement,’ says Karim. ‘It feels amazing to say we are now the best aesthetic doctors in not only London, but in the UK.’

Dr Sabika Karim
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