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Revere Clinics is a leading aesthetic medical practice that was founded in 2011 by award-winning cosmetic physicians Dr Sach Mohan and Dr Sabika Karim.

Mohan is one of the most sought-after and respected cosmetic physicians in the UK – as well as being a widely regarded lecturer, innovator and highly talented aesthetic practitioner. Mohan leads Revere’s Harley Street clinic and has pioneered several treatments such as PING ™ – an alternative to eyelid surgery – and MELT ™, a unique and effortless way to sculpt the body while adding definition to the abdomen.

‘Many of our patients are UHNWs and range from celebrities to socialites to royalty,’ Mohan tells Spear’s. ‘They are all discerning individuals who want to enhance their face or body, and it is my job to help them achieve their desired result – similar to how a portfolio manager is responsible for the return on any investment.’

Revere Clinics is open six days a week, and provides treatments ranging from fillers and skin resurfacing to non-surgical permanent fat loss treatments, bottom enhancement and painless scar and tattoo removal. A currently high trending treatment is for a procedure called Hyalese, which is used to reverse and correct fillers. ‘We use Hyalese to correct bad fillers – whether they have been administered incorrectly or have produced undesirable results,’ explains Mohan.

The clinics service over 8,500 patients, offer more than 50 services, have over £2 million in gold standard laser equipment and provide excellent care at their two locations in London. Seven out of 10 of Revere’s patients arrive via word of mouth, and they are from every continent in the world. Revere is also preparing for large expansion, with the launch of a new surgical division at the end of 2019 – as well as laying the foundation for international brand expansion.

For Mohan, however, the greatest highlight of this year was winning the 2019 Aesthetic Doctor of the Year category at the countrywide Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards. ‘The awards recognise commitment and dedication to public safety in the aesthetic and beauty sector and draws industry giants and celebrities from all over – so to be recognised, and to win, wasa great honour,’ he concludes.

Dr Sach Mohan
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