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Eduardo Greghi is CEO and Chairman of The Kusnacht Practice and Double Check – two entities that work together to create what Greghi describes as a ‘unique synergy’ for the benefit of their clients.

‘In the beginning The Kusnacht Practice was a rehabilitation centre treating addiction, however in the last four years the Practice has transformed, and we now treat a wide range of mental health disorders,’ Greghi says. ‘Combined with Double Check, which specialises in discreet tailor-made medical services, our clients can be treated for both their psychological and physical disorders within one respected practice – so we are truly holistic.’

Double Check has been offering bespoke care to its clients for more than a decade. From check-ups and second opinions to interventions and rehabilitation, clients are discreetly and personally assisted throughout their medical journey. ‘Preventive medical assessments to identify disease early are key, and the Clinic is constantly re-evaluating environmental influences and responding to clients’ needs,’ says Greghi.

The Kusnacht Practice, with its team of more than 60 members of staff and over 100 complementary therapists, specialises in analysing and treating the underlying causes of a client’s mental health issues and equipping them with resilience and coping skills. Each client is treated individually, with a bespoke programme that provides up to eight one-to-one sessions a day. No two days – or client schedules – are the same, explains Greghi. ‘We have been polishing this approach for over 10 years, continually bringing in the best professionals, and our success rates are exemplary. Clients get more one-to-one sessions in a day with us than they would get in most treatments centres in a month.’

Throughout clients’ treatment, they have the benefit of an exclusive five-star clinical residence, live-in counsellor and Biomolecular Restoration chef. ‘Our programme is personalised and highly targeted,’ says Greghi. ‘Clients receive 360-degree treatment and they never meet each other. Confidentiality is key.’

However, it is not just the exceptional care received by clients being treated at the Practice that contributes to their sustained recovery. They also benefit from the ongoing Continuing Care Programme, which is developed and implemented for each individual. ‘This plays a crucial role,’ says Greghi. ‘We stay engaged with our clients, and their families, for multiple years, providing ongoing treatment and support to ensure every opportunity for them to lead content and productive lives once returning home.’

Eduardo Greghi
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