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Georgina Hamblin describes the last 12 months as ‘life changing.’

‘I began this period as a Director of Vardags, not long since back from maternity leave, with a team of five or six lawyers working with me,’ she tells Spear’s. Within 12 months my team had reached 20 people strong, I was promoted to Senior Director, and shortly thereafter became Head of Family in London and Cambridge.’

Hamblin is now overseeing and responsible for six directors, 22 lawyers, and 22 graduate trainees in the London Office, and deals with the most complex cases. ‘The cases I am leading are some of the biggest family cases going through the family courts in England and Wales and continue to change the laws of our land,’ adds Hamblin.

Included within these cases she’d had two clients whose matrimonial assets have exceed £1billion each and several others in the hundreds of millions. ‘This is a dream come true – all before the age of 34, and with a two-year-old son in tow.’

In terms of trends, Hamblin has been seeing an increased interest in family law issues in the press and a willingness (‘finally!’) to put long overdue changes to the law into effect through parliament. ‘After extensive lobbying, repeatedly appearing on TV and radio and debating the issue at the Conservative party conference last year, I feel that we at Vardags (and me as a regular commentator on the issue) have been able to play an important part in bringing about the recent no fault divorce announcement,’ she tells Spear’s.

Hamblin started her career in law as a trainee solicitor at Rochman Landau in 2008. Chuka Umunna (now MP) trained her in employment law and James Bunker (now Head of the Residential Property team at Vardags) trained her in property law. At Rochman Landau, she was able to take this wealth of experience and resolve a huge variety of legal issues over the five years. ‘I remember the very first time the phone rang on my desk as a trainee,’ says Hamblin. ‘And the fear I felt in answering it. Then when I put it down and felt that I had helped someone and added value I knew this was the path for me.’

Hamblin says that, in the middle of a case, clients, ‘need to know that I am there for them and understand what they are going through, keeping them on track to get through this process as fast and as successfully as they can to look forward to and thrive in the rest of their life.’ Outside of the law, Georgina loves horses. She was part of the British Dressage Team for many years and took great pride in watching her ex-teammates win gold at the London 2012 Olympics.

Georgina Hamblin
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