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Giada D’Ortona set up Silver Services as a consequence of the current trend for using services rather than owning products. The company is designed to let clients rent sumptuous silver objects on a membership basis. ‘Constant global changes are making it less appealing to make a long-term investment in the silver industry,’ D’Ortona tells Spear’s. ‘Silver Service was created to enhance beautiful homes with a wonderful touch of extravagant antique silver objects without the need for long-term investment, with the perks of a rental service.’

D’Ortona says while the older generation appreciates silver, the new generation doesn’t see value in investment. With membership, ‘clients are able to choose a variety of objects that can be altered throughout time as they wish’, to reflect any changes in their homes, decorations or simply the seasons.

All items are specifically selected from the D’Ortona family collection, and ‘they are all of various eras and provenances, with great history and charm; impossible to reproduce in modern times.’ She became involved in the family business in 2016, when business and market alike were experiencing quite low demand and crying out for new ideas.

‘The family business has been running over 50 years, with constant exposure to international markets like Italy. But more was needed to engage the younger generation,’ she says, adding that being a millennial herself means she understands the need to adapt to the use of new platforms and business methods.

Giada D’Ortona
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