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It’s been just months since lzzy Walsh set up Hall Brown’s branch in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, but clients are streaming in. Many are Russian/CIS HNWs who can be ‘more reluctant to compromise’, with cases including complex and cross-border divorce and Schedule 1 matters.

‘Every day there’s variety,’ says this fast-rising star. One day she’s analysing corporate ‘organograms’, and the next could involve learning the routines of an elite sportsman.

It’s not always about money, she says, especially where children are involved. ‘The parties have got to co-parent, they want to be able to turn up to graduation ceremonies together in 20 years. Are £10,000 (or even £100,000) here or there really going to make a difference?’

However, her role does involve some curious assessments. She talks about valuing a hydroelectric power plant in Sierra Leone once, recalls tackling a tough case with a significant number of trust elements, and working on divorces with horses involved; an element she enjoys as an equestrian herself. ‘[Horses] are the most unusual assets in the world,’ she observes. ‘One day they might be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, then they could trip over a blade of grass, injure themselves permanently and be worth nothing’.

She observes that it’s becoming harder for HNWs with wealth between £2-10 million to find good value legal advice following family breakdown.

‘It’s difficult for them to identify solicitors who are going to give them exceptional service, but not going to charge the earth,’ she says

Izzy Walsh
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