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Named after the Latin word for ‘light,’ Lumos Education is a firm best described, according to its founder Johanna Mitchell, as family focused. ‘We take great care to support each child as an individual, nurturing their talents and potential,’ she explains. ‘We assist families at every education stage, from choosing the best nursery schools at birth, to preparation for university entrance. Meticulous academic assessments help us to determine the right schools for your children, while inspiring private tuition will help them to grow in confidence and to achieve the best results.’

The idea for the business came when she was working in central government, and was often asked by colleagues in the Chinese and Russian embassies for advice on UK and Swiss schools. ‘One thing led to another, and after a spell as head of a small, independent school for the Lawn Tennis Association, (and tutoring in London and Paris) Lumos Education was founded to provide the best possible education support for both UK and international clients,’ Mitchell tells Spear’s.

Since the EU referendum, she and her team have assisted more clients from outside Europe, especially from China and the Middle East. She has also seen an increase in clients choosing London day schools as opposed to boarding, and a rise in online tuition. One of the highlights of the last 12 months was, ‘helping a child who had failed her GCSEs grow in confidence and eventually gain a place at Cambridge University. ’

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