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When asked by Spear’s to name the US-based family lawyers they would recommend, several UK lawyers mentioned John Teitler, the go-to for some of New York’s most complex financial cases.

Teitler is the firm’s third generation torchbearer, whose father and grandfather set up the boutique in the 1960s. Today, he and his father Michael Teitler lead the 15 lawyer boutique firm with a fearsome reputation for success.

He is an expert in financial valuations and asset allocation, having extensive experience of litigating in financial services.

He has undertaken many of New York’s high-stakes trials, and his courtroom reputation allows him often to achieve clients’ goals through out-of-court settlements.

His clients often span non-US jurisdictions, across the UK, Western Europe and South America. Teitler points to the breadth and depth of New York’s ‘discovery process’, a common pre-trial procedure where parties obtain detailed evidence on finances, as a unique aspect of his home jurisdiction. ‘This process allows for lawyers to uncover and understand the details of a matter, enabling them to advise their clients with a greater degree of clarity and certainty,’ he explains.

Despite his courtroom prowess, Teitler emphasises achieving settlements wherever possible. ‘Reasonable lawyers meeting together should be able to resolve issues, and come up with compromises. While there are understandable reasons why some cases don’t settle, in others the lawyers are simply being too aggressive. We are competitive and we all like to win. However, if a case can settle it should, and lawyers should never get in the way.’

Teitler points to the other lawyers in his firm and their combination of skills as being critical to his and the firm’s success. ‘We have a deep bench of really smart, experienced lawyers at the firm with a variety of backgrounds and differing expertise. Whether debating the best cross-examination approach in trial prep, or thinking of creative solutions around a conference room table, this rigorous analytical team approach is our firm’s greatest asset.’

Away from his offices, he often lectures on the intersection of family law and trust law, about which he is passionate and skilful.

He also has extensive experience in the art world having represented artists, collectors, and dealers in a wide variety of matters.

John M. Teitler
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