Family Lawyers

The lawyer of choice for notable HNWs – ‘My clients are high-end because my billing rate is high,’ she says – Judith Poller has acted for stars such as Scarlett Johansson and Drew Barrymore. ‘Privacy is a huge concern to celebrity clients,’ she notes. ‘People are so interested in their lives, and the fact that they are going through a divorce only makes them more interesting. I do my best to make sure that their divorce doesn’t play out in the press.’

Dubbed by the US press as ‘the Hollywood Troubleshooter’, Poller began practising family law after a stint volunteering at a shelter for victims of domestic violence. Today, her work is varied: ‘I do everything from prenuptial agreements to paternity suits, divorce, cohabitation issues: the whole gamut,’ she says.

Judith Poller
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