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Spear’s readers will be glad to know that Sinclair Gibson’s Kathryn Peat is back on her feet and raring to go after a badly broken ankle needed major surgery and – in her own words – ‘me being in a wheelchair and non-weight bearing for four months!’. Despite this, her family team has thrived, making 2019 another ‘very good, interesting and profitable year, as a result of an influx of work and a busy team’.

As head of the family department, Peat works closely with private client team colleagues – in terms of tax, trusts and offshore entities.

Her clients, who ‘come from all walks of life,’ compliment her ability to ‘brilliantly read the situation and effortlessly cut through the rhetoric to the real issues to secure the best outcome for clients’.

On specifically what HNWs can expect from Peat as a trusted advisor, she tells Spear’s: ‘my role is whatever you would wish it to be – in that I will spearhead tactics and negotiation and, if you wish, will do all the complicated drafting. I will instruct and brief Counsel and Leading Counsel as appropriate, as well as steering you through the nuances and complexities of the process in order to bring everything to a very satisfactory conclusion.’

And who does this family law hero count as a hero herself? ‘All of the women who have persevered in the law, juggling full-time work and raising a family during the many decades when so doing was made almost impossible by the ethos and working practices in male-dominated practices and chambers. And, perhaps more controversially, Margaret Thatcher.’

Kathryn Peat
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