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Loveday & Co provides the very best in high-end residential care for individuals living with dementia. The company’s first care home, Chelsea Court Place, is based in central London and delivers an environment that is commensurate with the lifestyle hitherto enjoyed by its members. ‘We try to make the environment in keeping with the homes, clubs and hotels with which they are familiar,’ says Geller.

Their ‘members’ are those who have been diagnosed with dementia and they and their families have accumulated the assets to choose the best, and most dignified, care available. This allows them to live their lives to the full in a thoughtful, evidence-based and bespoke manner. It is designed to deliver a quality of life and outcomes that may not be available in their own homes or in less specialised facilities.

‘I am a passionate philanthropist, who believes that dementia care must be improved and that significant funds need to go to this field as well as pursuing the long and frustratingly elusive need for a cure,’ Geller tells Spear’s. ‘It is gratifying to me to see the results of our efforts in general, while seeing specialist training arising as a result of our direct efforts. This is a step towards making dementia care a respected career with paths to personal growth. Importantly, the life-improving outcomes we see with our members spur us to accelerating our growth and to building more projects of this nature.’

Both Geller’s parents suffered from dementia and he regrets that the quality of care that he is providing today was not available to them a decade ago. ‘I can only guess how much better, happier and longer they would have lived and how much better the lives of their family would have been. I cannot turn back the clock but I can and will spare nothing in my quest to improve the lives of as many as I can in an effort to set a standard of care for others to emulate, as we fight for a cure to this always fatal global pandemic,’ he says.

Geller worked his way up from the bottom of the hospitality industry and was a hotelier for many years before moving into dementia care. ‘As chancellor of the University of West London, which includes the London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism, I all too often tell prospective graduates that the harder they work, the luckier they will get,’ he tells Spear’s. ‘That simple statement drives me to worker harder and faster in my quest to pioneer awareness, advances and standards in dementia care and to improve the lives of so many.’

Laurence Geller
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