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Linzi Bull joined what was then Penningtons Manches in June 2018 and quickly settled in as a new partner in a dynamic team with expertise across the whole remit of domestic and international family law issues. She is known for her work relating to LBGT family issues, including international surrogacy, and regularly advises on pre-conception agreements.

Bull has worked on many complex divorce cases for HNW clients, as well as advising on complicated cross-jurisdictional pre- and post-nuptial agreements. Her proudest moment of the last 12 months was getting indemnity costs at the conclusion of a cross jurisdictional dispute after a client had to deal with a long period of particularly acrimonious litigation in two countries. ‘I was definitely on the side of the angels, and it was a totally deserved result,’ she says.

As for good client care, she says: ‘It means tailoring how and when you give your advice. It’s important to take time to work out what approach will work for each particular client.’

In terms of trends, Bull says she has seen more and more alternative family cases and an increase in the understanding of law surrounding transgender issues. ‘I hope the law in this area will catch up and start to properly reflect the reality of an alternative family,’ she says. ‘There have already been some welcome changes – such as the ability for a single parent to apply for a parental order in surrogacy arrangements – but more need to follow.’

Linzi Bull
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