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A well respected family lawyer, Lisa Pepper acts on financial cases as well as disagreements over child-related contact and living arrangements. She has won accolades for settling cases out of court and is one of only eight ‘Band 1’ lawyers in the field of family law dispute resolution, according to Chambers and Partners. Pepper joined Osbornes in 2006, making partnership in 2009, and has seen the department grow to what is now one of the largest family teams in London, and one of the few to offer a highly specialised and experienced team advising on child abduction, adoption, surrogacy and fertility law.

‘I absolutely love it,’ she says of her life as a family lawyer. ‘I came into law as a second career. I was a trainee at 30. I turn 47 this year and still have bags of energy and enthusiasm, where some of my counterparts wish they had chosen another career. I enjoy getting results and giving advice about how I see things will play out – and being right.’

‘Whatever assets someone has,’ Pepper explains, ‘having to instruct a family lawyer means their life is at a crisis point and they are highly stressed. It’s important we remember that when we are doing this job day in day out – some lawyers can forget how anxious clients feel.’

Pepper’s peers are nothing but positive about her. Nick Armstrong, barrister at Matrix Chambers, comments that her strengths include ‘legal expertise and, above all, emotional intelligence and support’. He adds: ‘I am a barrister, and like to think I know what a good lawyer looks like. I had a recommendation for Lisa from a very senior solicitor, at a time when I was locked in a particularly difficult stage. I needed someone who could communicate. I took the recommendation and the divorce is now, thankfully, just completing. In short, Lisa may just save you.’

Added to this is a sentiment that shines through in how she talks about her role. ‘We don’t offer scented candles and warm touches. We are not a spa’, she tells Spear’s. As for the firm’s North London location: ‘You might think “Camden?!” But then you come in to our nice meeting rooms, there’s original art on the walls and good coffee and you can talk to a lawyer who knows their stuff and talks to you not just about the law, but tactics in various situations – court, mediation, etc – and asks you questions and gives you options you might not have thought about before. At the end, there is honest, accountable billing. My role is to cup you in my hands and carry you through the process; I will absorb the stress. I will advise you what to do and what not to do: you will decide. If you come and see me having made an error of judgment, we won’t dwell on it. We’ll sort it out.’

Lisa Pepper
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