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‘It’s been another exciting year,’ Lucy Greenwood tells Spear’s. The past 12 months have seen The International Family Law Group partner deal with more ‘fascinating – albeit taxing’ cases, as well as invitations to speak and lecture at conferences and seminars across London and in Bangkok.

The excitement has been further bolstered by another strong year for the firm too, she adds, noting that the group has recently won the Law Society Award for ‘Excellence in International Legal Services’, and been involved in the consultation and implementation of the pilot for the courts’ online filing for divorce and consent orders, as well as assisting in the development of a new Al platform for new clients, including those seeking marital agreements.

Greenwood takes pride in having vast knowledge when it comes to dealing with family issues for national and international families, having specialised in the field of family law for over 20 years. Cases often involve dealing with offshore trusts, corporate issues, assets abroad, international enforcement issues and pension sharing at both a national and international level. Greenwood is a specialist in the drafting of relationship agreements, having completed many pre and post-nuptial agreements, encompassing different corners of the world.

‘There are no typical HNW clients,’ Greenwood says. ‘They might be business people, in the media, politicians, people with generational wealth or spouses or partners of such people.’ Her bread and butter is complicated financial cases with an international dimension. Such cases involve tactical nous, pragmatic judgement and the all important balancing of clients’ wishes. ‘Some clients are time-poor, preferring a very commercial and concise style of working, while others require a more sensitive and guided approach,’ Greenwood says. ‘Some have a reasonably good understanding of what is required of them whilst others can feel completely at sea and hence fearful – with the latter, advice on their legal rights and protections can really empower them.’

Greenwood earned her stripes at a Wimpole Street firm, where she received crucial insights into commercial and private client law, but soon found herself drawn to the ‘real significance’ of the lawyer’s role in separation and divorce. ‘I enjoy working with people and take pride in helping clients achieve a just outcome, enabling the family to move on after what can be a very vulnerable period in their lives,’ she says.

‘My happiest and proudest moments in the job are those involving good feedback and thanks from clients and other professionals.’

Lucy Greenwood
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