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Since joining in January 2017, Luned Rees Williams has become an important figure at Camilla Baldwin. She was plunged ‘straight in at the deep end’, conducting a case in the High Court with the formidable Fiona Shackleton on the other side, and emerged from this baptism of fire uncharred. It came as no surprise when she was promoted to partner position in 2019 from her previous role as senior associate.

A fluent French and Welsh speaker, Rees Williams is well versed in the family affairs of HNWs. She has considerable experience in prenups, postnups and big-money divorces. Clients have included the heir to a Greek shipping family and the director of one of the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance brokers.

She has been accredited by Resolution as a lawyer with a specialism in complex financial remedies, which is granted only to the top band of practitioners in the country after being subjected to a gruelling examination process testing technical expertise, practical application and the level of client service.

‘We’re here for them, round the clock pretty much,’ she says of her client base, which includes billionaires, hedgies and celebrities, ‘they get the Harrods service.’ Often, an extra-discreet service is required for HNWs who are in the public eye. ‘We tend to go to them,’ she adds.

She assures Spear’s that ‘leave no stone unturned’ is the Camilla Baldwin team’s motto. She recalls a sensitive case representing a Russian mother who was accused of neglect by a social worker in court. ‘We had to challenge her,’ Rees Williams says. ‘She was judging our client on the basis of British parenting styles without any insight into international families and how parenting styles differ from country to country.’ Rees Williams pored over many Russian parenting textbooks before concluding that ‘my client was only parenting in the way that any Russian mum would do.’

The thorough, concise and practical form of advice her team is able to offer is the firm’s biggest asset. ‘I don’t know if you would get that level of service from another firm,’ she muses. ‘The only reason we can do it is because we focus 110 per cent on the clients that we chose to have.’ She selects her cases very carefully, identifying where best she and her team can add value. ‘A lot of lawyers just launch into litigation,’ she says. ‘We’re very aware that clients could sometimes be unsure if they even want to get divorced so we discuss that with them too’.

Clients are appreciative: one commends Rees Williams for ‘her unfailing support, efficiency, patience and courtesy’.

Luned Rees Williams
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