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Marcel Pierre has been an advisor to Yes We Can Youth Clinics ever since it was launched in 2010, going on to become chief fi nancial offi cer at the end of 2015. A graduate at the International School of General Management in Germany, Pierre joined Yes We Can after being approached by founder/CEO Jan Willem Poot. ‘He asked me to advise on the business side of his company branching out internationally,’ recalls Pierre. ‘I was immediately inspired by the fantastic work that the organisation does.’

Yes We Can is a specialised mental healthcare institution, with more than 330 employees treating 800 Dutch and international young people in The Netherlands every year. ‘It’s great to see how Yes We Can Youth Clinics has grown so quickly,’ adds Pierre.

Spanning 150 beds, the facility’s unique approach has proven successful: some 70 per cent of the teenagers and young adults no longer need special care after having completed 10 weeks of residential treatment and a minimum of four weeks aftercare.

‘When everything else fails, we are there for them, offering a helping hand and giving all we have to guide these young people and their parents/carers back to recovery and to the healthy, beautiful life they all deserve,’ he says. ‘That’s what drives them: to be happy, healthy and to get the most out of life.’

Recently, Pierre has noticed an increased attention towards the severity of gaming addiction. ‘When they come into our clinic, they sometimes can’t “disconnect” from their video games,’ he explains.

For Pierre, the challenge remains to make the organisation even more effective in the coming years. ‘We are always focused on how we can become more effi cient and how we can treat teenagers and young adults even more effectively. I’m always looking for ways to make our processes leaner,’ he says.

Staff policy is a key factor in further improving the fi rm and its results. ‘We continuously strive to be an attractive employer,’ Pierre tells Spear’s. ‘There is little hierarchy in our organisation. Everyone knows each other and all our employees are open to new developments.’

‘Our colleagues are constantly focusing on improving themselves and the organisation. One of the greatest things about Yes We Can Youth Clinics is that our employees have the ability to grow on a personal and professional level. Our management teams consist of a very nice mix of employees who started in completely different positions years ago, along with top professionals that we’ve attracted from outside our organisation. And I think that’s great.’

Marcel Pierre
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