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Mark Irving has fast become one of Harbottle & Lewis’s most sought after and busiest lawyers thanks to a consistently stellar performance since joining the firm’s thriving family law practice in 2017.

‘We are now widely recognised within the industry as being one of the market leading practices right at the forefront of the work we do, handling the most complex and hard fought cases,’ he says.

Over the last 12 months, Irving has enjoyed a ‘booming’ practice, working on many notable cases that have resulted in ‘exceptional’ outcomes, sometimes working in tandem with department head Catherine Bedford (a combination referred to by clients and colleagues as the ‘dream team’).

Irving’s practice has yielded no shortage of highlights. He has acted as a trusted and confidential adviser to a litany of high profile and wealthy individuals, going through divorce and financial proceedings, as well as in relation to ‘fiercely contested’ jurisdiction and Children Act proceedings.

‘The proudest part of the job is being referred by existing clients to their close friends, colleagues and family, when they also have legal problems and need advice,’ Irving tells Spear’s. ‘Knowing that an existing client trusts you to have the right personality, skill and dedication to take good care of those closest to them is extremely satisfying and a privilege.’

It’s also been a year of meaningful victories for the department, where it has been instructed in place of competitors on a number of big cases, then going on to turn them around entirely to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Adaptable and versatile, Irving advises clients from across various fields, with particular expertise in HNW clients with substantial assets, offshore and corporate asset-holding structures, as well as cases that result in specialist valuations. He’s adept at working with high profile clients and using litigation smartly. ‘Success for clients comes from being strategic, thorough and having deeply positive and collaborate client relationships,’ he explains. ‘My clients are not looking for a one trick pony.’

Client work aside, Irving was appointed trainee partner this year, making him responsible for the development of multiple junior lawyers. It’s testament to a trajectory that continues to point upward. As one impressed QC says, ‘His client care skills are second to none – and so it is no surprise that his clients are very loyal.’

Mark Irving
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