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Michael Ishmail is a clinical director who co-founded Addcounsel, Britain’s most high-end addiction and mental health treatment clinic, having practised as an integrative psychotherapist in the field for over 15 years – with over ‘thousands of treatment hours’ spent with patients suffering from behavioural disorders and associated traumas.

‘He is highly affective and passionate about helping others,’ CEO and co-founder Paul Flynn recently told an industry observer. Flynn regards him as ‘a man of science’, a practitioner who deeply understands the limitations and challenges he faced while working in multi-bed facilities throughout his career before joining Addcounsel.

Ishmail values the quality of care he can provide within a one-to-one care setting – recognising that material success doesn’t translate into happiness or wellbeing for many HNWs, while discussing mental health issues remains taboo. To this end, Ishmail and Flynn created a safe space for HNWs in the heart of Mayfair. It’s the UK’s first multi-disciplinary provider of personalised behavioural health care, in the tradition of the Kushnacht Practice on the shores of Lake Geneva – an often described as the most exclusive and luxurious rehab clinic in the world.

There are myriad treatments available under Ishmail’s direction, from those targeting alcoholism and drugs, through those designed to help manage addictions to nicotine, sex and love, gambling, and even shopping. Mental health issues addressed range from depression to burnout, eating disorders, trauma, anger management, mild dementia, relationship ‘co-dependency’, anorexia and stress. All treatments are channelled through what the firm calls ‘The Recovery Route’ framework. Whatever the issue, Ishmail and his colleagues promise to deliver a ‘better tomorrow’ for clients. The firm’s USP is that its solutions, performed discreetly, can reach out to clients from anywhere in the world.

Progress within the global HNW market has been so successful that Addcounsel receives referrals from family offices throughout EMEA; In fact, 75 per cent of recommendations are international, and the brand is creating a new offering in Hong Kong. Services now also cover those in the 16-18 age bracket, as Ishmail recently recruited a team of some of the best child and adolescent mental health specialists in the UK.

In 2019, Addcounsel launched its Behavioural Wealth awards, recognising those who have made a real difference to HNW lives. ‘It allowed us to recognise the important role the private advisory world plays in safeguarding the interests of not only their clients, but the wider population of society,’ the firm says.

Michael Ishmail
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