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Natalia Ramsden is the founder and managing director of SOFOS Associates, London’s first premium personal cognitive optimisation clinic. The firm is a highly specialised multidisciplinary practice, which works with individuals to leverage the full power of their brain.

The service – which Ramsden describes as ‘unparalleled’ in the market – pioneers performance enhancement through functional medicine, psychological techniques and neuromodulation technologies. It is provided in a holistically integrated approach for its clients. SOFOS exists in a hybrid industry between medicine, health and performance.

‘Our clients are typically high performing individuals who are eager to leverage their full potential,’ Ramsden tells Spear’s. ‘Our service is highly customised and so clients tend to come from various backgrounds. The programme they undergo has been tailored specifically to them and based on their individual results.’

Following an in-depth diagnostic to determine each client’s needs and motivations, the team will create a customised brain optimisation programme – no two clients have the same experience.

Advances in technology mean that SOFOS is always developing its client offering. Perhaps the most significant neuroscience development has been the emergence of neuroplasticity, she notes. ‘The brain is in fact malleable and we influence change (in structure) has seen people take a very different and proactive approach to brain health and their cognitive performance.’

‘Through a blend of functional medicine, psychological techniques and neuromodulation technologies such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and biofeedback, SOFOS is able to alter the structure of our client’s brains for the better and generate new neurons,’ says Ramsden. ‘Clients can truly excel even into old age.’

Ramsden is pleased to report a ‘remarkable’ 2019 for the business. It’s achieved some ‘fantastic results’ for its clients, and it received positive feedback from clients.

‘One client shared how, after the programme, she had been promoted into a much larger role, doubled her salary, and noticed things like increased stamina for work, enhanced concentration and focus. Her mood was improved and consistent, and she reported generally feeling healthier overall.’ Ramsden adds: ‘It was a true validation of the work we do.’

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Natalia Ramsden
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