Family Lawyers

Neal Hersh is a rare breed of trial lawyer whose service never stops, even when relaxing in the evening with a glass of Scotch: ‘I don’t want any client stewing overnight about something when I could have spent five minutes on the phone and made his or her situation more at ease.’

Hersh first rose to fame through helping Robin Givens divorce Mike Tyson in 1989. Soon Hersh found himself ‘representing every actress in Hollywood’, involving huge sums.

‘We have a case at the moment where one side says, “I owe you nothing,” while my side says, “You owe me close to $1 billion,”’ he explains. It’s been a ‘fascinating’ four decades for Hersh, who says of family law: ‘It’s interesting but also challenging. You’re learning a million things – and you never stop.’

Neal Hersh
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