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Choosing Seddons is a no-brainer, according to the firm’s Neil Russell.

‘We have leading lawyers in the private client world offering a Magic Circle service, without their overheads and associated costs,’ he explains.

His work helping clients navigate the trials and tribulations of family law is also complemented by the other organs of a full service law firm, meaning he is well placed to advise clients ‘on all issues at every stage of their lives and beyond.’

He speaks as someone who has done the hard yards to reach the top of his firm. Initially starting out as a ‘gofer’ at B D Laddie solicitors, he qualified in February 1990 and then became a partner in 1993. Today, he deals with multi-million pound settlements involving children, pensions and marriages that may not even make it a year. ‘Family issues can reveal the best or the worst in people,’ he says, adding that, regardless, he sees his job as ‘the best!’

‘Being a family lawyer, I deal with real lives, emotions, children, and money. I have the opportunity to make a real difference to people’s lives at such a critical time; before a marriage, during a marriage, or at the end of a marriage. I often regard myself as a life counsellor; not just a family lawyer.’

Despite all of this experience, he remains prepared to be surprised by differing takes on what wealth might mean. ‘A celebrity client once told me being rich meant having the ability to have a hamburger anywhere in the world, at any time he wished,’ says Russell. ‘With HNWs, you have to be prepared for all different wishes, aspirations, and demands.’

Neil Russell
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