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As Teitler & Teitler is a firm known for its grasp of complexity, especially in matrimonial matters, it’s only natural for Spear’s to ask top attorney Nicholas W. Lobenthal about the scale of complications he deals with. ‘It’s not just about a large amount of dollars,’ he replies. Indeed, the HNWs that he advises are likely to be embroiled in a large variety of issues at once, from sophisticated asset valuations to linkages with multiple jurisdictions.

‘These people don’t invest in ordinary assets,’ he explains. ‘They may have a business, own some art, and manage restricted investments – right there you’ve got three separate valuation issues, any of which you would call complex.’

Having joined the firm in 1998, Lobenthal has spent 21 years of his career at Teitler & Teitler, whose lawyers have a reputation for technical knowledge and fearlessness in the face of trials, as well as having the skills and determination to successfully reach settlements in order to keep matters out of court. Lobenthal admires the fact that the second generation Teitler has been working at the firm since its inception in the Sixties, and that he now works alongside his son, John Teitler.

‘Clients recognise that the fact multi-generations work side by side is a unique thing,’ he says. ‘And it’s actually quite a beautiful thing – family law firms usually come and go in one generation.’

He believes in the power of boutiques, as he says that the business model allows ‘the maximum amount of independence and flexibility to represent your client. If you represent a person who owns a firm with a real estate holding, within a firm that has real estate practice – there’s just going to be tension,’ he says, ‘but if you’re independent, you’re only thinking about your own client, and that’s it. That’s a good thing.’

The Columbia Law School graduate, who has been recognised by his peers as being a ‘Superlawyer’, represents a mix of domestic and international financial institutions, business organisations and individual clients in commercial litigation, as well as fiduciaries in surrogate’s court. An elected Fellow of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, he routinely lectures on issues ranging from business valuations to civil rights at the International Association of Young Lawyers. He also contributed a chapter on New York law to the international treatise: Family Law: A Global Guide (2019).

Nicholas W. Lobenthal
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