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‘No one in Europe provides what we have in place – a service aimed squarely at the HNW category,’ says Paul Flynn, CEO of Addcounsel, a pioneering multi-disciplinary healthcare service based in the heart of London’s Mayfair, which devises bespoke recovery programmes for HNWs suffering with mental illness. 2019 has seen two new service lines: BehaviouralWealth, its advanced health screen, and OneDetox, its private 24×7 withdrawal

Flynn, himself a successful HNW who fought and overcame mental illness, found through both his own experiences and from working with AA and NA, where he often sponsors wealthy individuals, that there was a desperate need for a personalised approach to mental health which was more suited to the HNW. I can empathise in a way very few people can,’ explains Flynn, who understands the issues which affect HNWs specifically, such as the burden of wealth, or simply the lack of time to step back and take control. ‘I was lucky that I had a programme that worked for me, but not everyone is, which is why we are here to orchestrate the recovery plan from start to finish.’

At each client’s disposal is a highly qualified team of 80 specialists, comprising consultant psychiatrists, psychotherapists, eating disorder specialists and recovery management specialists, plus a mindfulness practitioner, yoga specialist and personal trainer. Each is coordinated around the individual patient’s healthcare needs and schedule. ‘Due to the bespoke nature of what we do, every single process is different,’ says Flynn. ‘What remains the same is the recovery route framework attached.’

Addcounsel covers areas including substance and process addiction, mental health disorders associated with drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling, depression, anxiety, mild dementia, stress and eating disorders. They provide physical examinations and health assessments, as well as prescribing medicines and providing care and support during and after treatment. Part of the service is the option of helping family and friends to construct either voluntary or crisis interventions where necessary.

Treatment takes as long as it takes: there is no pre-defined schedule because that’s not how recovery works, explains Flynn. And the key to the personalised service is that the treatment takes place in a very private environment, which can either be one of Addcounsel’s luxury properties in central London or the client’s home. ‘Addcounsel provides an in-residence full treatment service,’ explains Flynn. ‘We work with the patient and the family over a longer period of time.’ This includes 24/7 care, medical supervision and detox at home, if required.

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