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Pramod Achan is the chairman of the Orthopaedic Surgery department at OneWelbeck.

As an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in hip and knee surgery, Achan helped to set up this exciting new venture in the heart of Central London, which prides itself on delivering world class care to patients in a soothing, state-of-the-art facility.

OneWelbeck is billed as a specialist facility for minimallyinvasive day surgery and outpatient diagnostics, founded by doctors and healthcare leaders who believe there’s a better way to deliver care.

‘We have put together a team that is nothing short of excellent, and that makes the proposition of our offering really exciting,’ Achan tells Spear’s. Treatment options are truly global too. As Achan says: ‘Through our clinical expertise and research collaborations, we have also developed a global network of the best Orthopaedic surgeons across the world, able to seamlessly take over the clinical care of any of our patients who may have global commitments.’

Achan has had patients under his joint care between New York, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Dubai and Cape Town, to name just a few locations. ‘This is a unique offering that can only be delivered when there is a mutual recognition that the services on offer meet the highest possible standards,’ he explains.

It has been an ‘incredible’ year for Achan, who continues to enjoy a combination of complex and challenging work at his NHS work at Barts Health Trust and at Europe’s largest trauma practice. Such is Achan’s pedigree, colleagues often ask him for assistance. ‘In the last year I have operated on the mothers and wives of several of my colleagues,’ he says, helping to get them back to their busy, demanding lives. This gave me an immense amount of pleasure.

Achan is enthusiastic about OneWelbeck’s unique offering, which he says is very much in tune with a broader shake-up in the healthcare market, where expectations are rising along with growth in technological innovation.

‘The team we have put together at OneWelbeck is excellent,’ he beams. ‘We can offer the perfect combination of seniority and wisdom with experience, and yet it’s also incredibly innovative.’

‘I have no doubt it is going to be the most exciting chapter in my professional life – as we set the standards for musculoskeletal care and day surgery treatments.’

Pramod Achan
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