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‘The best part of the job is inspiring trust and having a good, clear strategy from the outset, so clients listen to the advice and follow it’, says Rebecca Cockcroft – who in 2019 took over from Ian Airey as co-head of the Payne Hicks Beach family team.

‘This enables you to guide your client through a challenging experience and achieve an outcome they thought unattainable at the commencement of the proceedings – on both an emotional and financial level.’

Cockcroft trained at Manches (as was) under Jane Simpson – and she continues to find inspiration in her mentor’s approach. ‘Jane taught me the importance of the human touch as a family lawyer,’ she says, adding: ‘Any lawyer can divide up an asset schedule. It takes a special lawyer to fully understand family dynamics and guide a client through the whole process, so they feel positive about their future and financially secure, because of the settlement you have negotiated for them.’

Cockcroft has almost 20 years of experience as a family lawyer. She specialises in financial remedy proceedings and arrangements for children. She acts for entrepreneurs, wealthy mothers and in many City based divorces where clients have relocated to London for work reasons.

This wise lawyer never loses sight of what’s at stake. ‘Often in the final stages of a divorce, clients want the last word,’ she warns. ‘They can lose sight of the big picture – squabbling about relatively small amounts of money in the context of their assets.

It is my job to refocus them and get the deal done before it unravels.’

Rebecca Cockcroft
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