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A highly accomplished ‘solver of relationship generated problems’, Richard Kershaw describes his work last year as ‘incredibly satisfying’.

He explains to Spear’s that one highlight was the culmination of a particularly testing case, ‘helping a client to emerge from the dark and difficult places her husband had put her in during a very tough marriage: helping to set her on the path towards financial independence, with a house in her name, under her control and with her future secure.’

In the year ahead, Kershaw expects a continuing trend for arbitration and private FDRs – ‘a means of swerving the sclerotic court system,’ as he says.

He also notes that the world of family law is starting to recognise ‘coercive control’ in relationships, with more petitions for divorce citing that as a reason for irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

Kershaw’s clients comprise City professionals, senior bankers, key figures in the insurance industry, landowners, medical professionals (top GPs and consultants), plus the spouses of private equity partners, wealth managers, hedge fund partners, barristers (‘QCs, typically’) and music industry figures (often producers, or the partners and spouses of A-list artists).

Kershaw has been a partner with Hunters since 2003, and advises on a range of financial and child related disputes, including complex family scenarios drawing on his expertise in trusts, overseas assets and property ownership. He is regularly instructed to obtain injunctions, both financial and for clients’ personal protection.

Richard Kershaw
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