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‘If I found myself divorcing, Tom is the London solicitor I would choose. [He is] absolutely first class,’ says one leading QC about Tom Amlot, family lawyer and partner at Alexiou Fisher Philipps.

An accredited mediator and collaborative lawyer, the former commercial litigator joined the boutique firm in 2011 and enjoys tackling matters across different disciplines and areas of the law – especially in those cases which contain a crossborder aspect.

‘Many of my clients have issues that are of an international nature, so they require strategic advice from the perspective of different jurisdictions,’ he tells Spear’s. ‘I also have a number of clients for whom privacy is of paramount concern, so safeguarding this is of the utmost importance.’

Alexiou Fisher Philipps covers a broad range of family law matters, including financial disputes at the beginning and end of a relationship divorce, judicial separation and inheritance act claims, issues in relations to children, emergency measures and arbitration.

Recent successes include acting for the husband in a new High Court decision on the relevance of pre-acquired wealth, acting for the husband in a new authority on the importance of pre-marital wealth, and acting for the wife in what is now a leading authority on the impact of marital misconduct.

It has been an ‘interesting’ year for Amlot who has been representing the Great British Bake Off’s Paul Hollywood in his widely publicised divorce.

He enjoys seeing some of his cases going through the courts, though is glad many don’t. ‘I find it good when there’s a balance,’ he says, ‘I enjoy litigation but wouldn’t want it to be all that I do.

‘I’ve had a case which was reported as IX v IY, which was interesting for a number of reasons, the case started as a jurisdiction battle, but it landed in London and the decision is about the extent to which a pre-marriage business interest should be shared or otherwise,’ he recalls.

Is London still the divorce capital of the world, Spear’s asked the capital-based solicitor earlier this year? His answer was a blunt ‘yes’. Why? ‘It is the most generous-paying jurisdiction for financially weaker parties, simple as that.’

Tom Amlot
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