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Wyn Lewis’ broad practice covers contentious and non-contentious aspects of employment law, which has gained him a wide mix of HNW clients from the financial, legal, concierge, recruitment, media and retail industries.

The year 2019 has been challenging, as Lewis successfully solved a number of complex cases, while he himself survived the ripple effect in the legal industry caused by the sudden fall of Cubism Law, where he worked under the Golden Leaver label. At gunnercooke, he advises senior executives and NGOs on UK and international employment issues, but considers himself to be more of ‘a business person who works with the law than a lawyer that tries to apply the law to business’.

Lewis runs a coaching business also, and says clients like the fact that he owns a business outside his solicitor’s practice. ‘It gives me an inside advantage over someone who has only ever provided legal services.’

A recent highlight was litigation scrutinising if English employment tribunals have jurisdiction for claims from employees who have spent a significant amount of time abroad.

‘The advice I give tends to be corporate and strategic, but within a legal framework,’ he says. ‘In contrast, this case involved more black-letter law than when advising individuals or corporations’.

Lewis knew he’d become a trusted adviser when he realised that he no longer needed to advertise. ‘As I get older, my clients get younger – I’m like a corporate uncle,’ he jokes.

Wyn Lewis
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