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Andrew Lane


Like some of his fellows in this Index, Lane learnt about Landed Estates by working with the land itself. He read land economy at Cambridge and qualified as a solicitor in 1993, after nine years as a farmer. ‘Andrew’s down-to-… Read More

Bertie Hoskyns-Abrahall


The landed estates co-head has extensive experience with the acquisition and sale of estates, country residences, farmland and grouse moors, for both portfolios and first-time buyers: ‘Taking the year as a whole we have transacted our greatest ever acreage —… Read More

Edmund Fetherston-Dilke

Farrer & Co

‘The market is alive and well,’ says partner Fetherston-Dilke, on the back of a year stuffed with ‘big, chunky deals’ at £10 million-£20 million a pop. The affable and approachable lawyer advises large estates on the ‘full variety’ of legal… Read More

Henry Cecil

Bircham Dyson Bell

‘You could be speaking to lord Grantham one day, and a tenant farmer ten minutes later. Both are enjoyable to act for, and as challenging,’ Cecil has previously told Spear’s. The sailing and shooting enthusiast specialises in estate, farm and… Read More

Matthew Woods


Prices for farmland may have flattened, and there is uncertainty following Brexit, says Woods, but fundamentally little has changed and the best land continues to sell well with competition, due to lack of supply: ‘Farmers want to continue to build… Read More

Penny Elliott


‘Fifty years ago, if you inherited a landed estate you were probably among the richest of your peer group. Now, you are much less wealthy than your peers who went into investment banking,’ says Elliott. ‘Indeed, they are often the… Read More

Rupert Melville-Ross

Taylor Vinters

Melville-Ross completed his training in commercial property, but the private client head’s focus when he joined Taylor Vinters in 2001 — where his Suffolk upbringing and family roots in country estates gave him the background to talk about such matters… Read More

Saskia Arthur

Boodle Hatfield

‘What clients want at this level is punchy, short advice that gets to the point,’ says Arthur. ‘You still have to work through the detail… but you need to be able to cut through it.’ the warm and engaging oxford-educated… Read More

Simon Pring

Farrer & Co

Farrer’s estates and private property head is clear about what separates the great from the good: ‘A sense of humour,’ says the personable Pring. The Devon-born hunter and self-described country boy is one to know the landscape. Having focused almost… Read More

Tristan Ward


An expert in regulatory landscapes, it’s all about the real thing for Ward. He owns a 700-acre plot in Kent, which he farms and gardens in his spare time. ‘You feel that you learn things yourself, and that you’re also… Read More