Reputation Managers

Top 10

Charlie Methven

Dragon Associates

Unusually for a PR consultancy, Methven chose to set up Dragon Associates in Mayfair as the firm focuses on private capital — advising hedge-fund managers, family offices and real estate funds. ‘These are people who have limited time and who… Read More



King has seen a significant increase in business as HNWs realise the importance of his services. A YouGov report Digitalis commissioned into business leaders is revealing: ‘It was a fascinating piece of research. Unsurprisingly it told us that 90 per… Read More

David McDonough

Norris McDonough

A close and trusted counsel, McDonough advises HNWs and high-flying individuals in public life — not to mention ‘a head of state, as I still do’. He founded his own firm in 1980 after his first post-Oxford job — acting… Read More

DJ Collins

Milltown Partners

Comms guru Collins launched Milltown Partners with Prince Charles’s former PR adviser, Paddy Harverson, in 2013. Having rubbed shoulders with those at the top of the Labour party hierarchy he’s well connected, counting David Miliband among his friends. His contacts… Read More

Jonathan Hawker

Slate Campaigns

‘Ironically, most crises don’t “hit” — they evolve,’ says Hawker. ‘When people in PR talk about crisis management they’re generally talking about something as simple as dealing with a difficult journalist. For me, the things that keep people in government… Read More


Mark Hutchinson Management

The calm and personable Hutchinson, who has acted for Nigella Lawson and JK Rowling, says social media activity has been a major source of excitement (and concern) in his field. The Twittersphere can become an ‘unpleasant’ place, especially when soundbites… Read More

Phil Hall

PHA Media

The former News of the World editor knows the power of the media better than most. With clients from financial institutions to World Cup bidders and ageing pop stars, Hall advises being careful: ‘No one would expect to go into… Read More

Ross Gow


Having been a barrister, broker and also an entrepreneur, Gow has seen plenty of reputations rise — and fall. The managing partner of Acuity specialises in working with oligarchs and high-ranking foreign HNWs — protecting digital identity, fighting internet defamation… Read More

Sir Alan Parker


Sir Alan chairs Brunswick, the 850-person private partnership and communications powerhouse that has spread across thirteen countries and 22 offices advising the likes of Thomson Reuters, Burberry and some of the world’s wealthiest families. His communications career was never a… Read More


Bell Pottinger

Leach has just come from court when he speaks to Spear’s. ‘We make sure we’re there with [clients] because you never know what’s going to happen, what journalists are going to turn up and who’s going to write what.’ Being… Read More

Top Recommended

David Burnside

New Century Media

Burnside’s Westminster consultancy boasts personal contacts ‘at the highest levels of global media, business and politics. I can go to cabinet ministers, former prime ministers,’ he told Spear’s previously. ‘I’ve been dealing with them for 25 years.’ A former MP… Read More

Ed Williams


Williams has worked as a journalist, a financial PR and communications director at two of the world’s biggest news organisations — Reuters and the BBC. It’s unlikely there’s an angle from which he hasn’t seen the media create and destroy… Read More


Clearwood Communications

Having spent fifteen years on Fleet Street, George Thwaites says he’s proud to be a PR ‘but I still ultimately think of myself as a journalist — hopefully one with another string to my bow.’ In reality it’s more than… Read More

Matthew Freud

Freud Communications

When he set up his PR firm in 1985, Freud didn’t know he was breaking an old family tradition that precluded members from following the same career as the previous three generations. So it was perhaps with disappointment that he… Read More

Roland Rudd

RLM Finsbury

Former FT journalist Rudd says the strength of his service lies in giving companies the global support they need to maintain a strategy across different markets via tailored tactics. This approach means they have time to be more thoughtful, more… Read More

Ryszard Bublik

Social 360

Bublik’s Social360 deals with only one type of threat to reputation — those from social media — but the firm handles this niche well. The company’s proprietary software scans the internet to anticipate where potential issues may be developing, giving… Read More

Tim Burt

StockWell Group

Formerly an award-winning journalist at the Financial Times, Burt then co-founded StockWell Group after six years as a partner at Brunswick, where he oversaw the media, technology and automotive sectors and advised headlining clients including Google, NBC Universal and Toyota… Read More


Hill + Knowlton

The former Mail on Sunday journalist has had a busy year advising on ‘good old fashion issues’ such as product recalls, employee scraps and advising CEOs as well as litigation support where clients need him because ‘prevailing in the courtroom… Read More

Rising Stars

Laura Toogood


‘If you don’t manage your reputation then somebody else — or a search engine like Google — will do it for you,’ says Toogood. Her authority rests on the rigour of a PhD in social infomatics. Her work has seen… Read More

Rebecca Fitchett

RLM Finsbury

A former lawyer educated at Oxford, Fitchett switched to PR in 2012 after realising a future neither in public policy, nor as a barrister, was for her. ‘I concluded that PR was a lot more interesting than I first appreciated,’… Read More