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Abigail Asher

Guggenheim, Asher

‘We wouldn’t have anyone sign a legal document without a lawyer; we wouldn’t want anyone to be putting together a collection today without an art adviser,’ says Asher, partner in Guggenheim Asher for 23 years. As well as the finding,… Read More

Annelien Bruins

Tang Art Advisory

Tang, which operates with small teams in New York, Miami, Philadelphia, London and Hong Kong, aims at clarity about its fees in an opaque market: 10 per cent on transactions or $500 an hour ‘depending on project and client preference’…. Read More

Clarice Pecori Giraldi


Nearly 250 years old it may be, but Christie’s is just as nimble as its youngest competitors. When the house saw that UHNWs wanted exquisite privacy in buying and selling art — their name and the work itself not to… Read More

Emily Tsingou

Emily Tsingou Fine Art

Even after a rounded career in the art world — curator, writer, gallerist — there were still surprises for Emily when she became an art adviser. ‘I had to be more savvy about the market,’ she says; for the first… Read More

Frederick Mulder

Frederick Mulder

Mulder has spent the 40 years of his career celebrating and promoting the diversity, originality and beauty of the printed medium, whether etching, lithograph or other technique. He started spanning the entire history of printmaking, from the 1460s to his… Read More

Georgina Hepburne Scott


Art history MA Hepburne Scott founded Stonehage’s art management division in 2007, and it has thrived since the 2014 merger with Fleming Family & Partners gave it ‘new clients and new opportunities’. The department is particularly strong on the fiduciary… Read More

Helen Macintyre

Macintyre Art Advisory

‘The thing about the art world is its global spread — you can find a painting in the US, and you can sell it in the Middle East. It’s all a question of knowing who to ask,’ says Macintyre. ‘You… Read More

Jennifer Guerrini-Maraldi


Guerrini- Maraldi came to London from Australia ‘to live in the world’, but in doing so left behind her gallery. After a career in fashion at Country Life and Browns, then in property, she at last came back to art…. Read More

Jonathan Green

Richard Green

‘The world is waking up to the idea of housing large sums of money in very beautiful paintings and that’s something that is a huge change for our market.’ In saying so, CEO Jonathan Green acutely picks out two trends… Read More

Kristina Maclean


If you want to be among the tycoons and trillionaires picking up the best of Frieze London, Frieze Masters or Frieze New York first, you need VIP early access. While galleries can invite their top clients, McLean heads a team… Read More

Lisa Schiff

Schiff Fine Art

Now one of America’s most prominent art advisers, thanks to regular appearances in the Financial Times, Schiff runs a full-service advisory firm with her team of ten. And when Schiff says full service, she means everything from auction purchase and… Read More

Manfredi della Gherardesca

MdG Fine Arts

Della Gherardesca is rightly suspicious of the advisers tipping the next big artist, saying it’s like horsebreeding: ‘You look at the bloodlines… and you buy a horse and you invest some money and maybe the horse never goes anywhere.’ Della… Read More

Mary Hoelever

MG Hoelever Art Advisory

One art buyer’s crisis is another’s opportunity. When the stock market crashed in 2008, soon after Hoeveler had left Citibank’s art advisory team to go solo, the art market crashed too, benefiting Hoeveler’s clients who had ‘the stomach and the… Read More

Matt Carey-Williams


The youthful new deputy chairman joined in 2014 after a career on both sides of the commercial divide: he had worked at Sotheby’s then at blue-chip galleries including Gagosian and White Cube. Clients don’t see that divide, he says: ‘Collectors… Read More

Nicholas Campbell

Narcissus Arts

Telephone number auction results may have all the attention, but Campbell has found a smart niche, advising younger collectors on work under £10,000. There’s great quality available, he says, ‘when you know where to look’, but little guidance in the… Read More

Philip Mould

Philip Mould

When he’s not thrilling Sunday-evening viewers of BBC One’s lost-masterpiece hunt Fake or Fortune?, Mould can be found in his new gallery on Pall Mall. These rooms, with their silvery wood floors and hessian wallpapers in 18th century hues chosen… Read More

Ralph Taylor


While you might think auctionhouse specialists spend all day pricing items, Taylor — head of Post-War and Contemporary — says advice is now his most important service, from the best time to put a work on the block to finding… Read More

Suzanne Gyorgy

Citi Private Bank

A fine-art graduate, Gyorgy came to the advisory and fiduciary side through museums and galleries. By contrast, her team are art historians: ‘I can certainly suss out an oil painting over an acrylic so I think it’s a nice balance.’… Read More

Tania Buckrell-Pos

Arts & Management International

A good art adviser, says Buckrell-Pos, is a delicate one: they must ‘strike a balance’ between their taste and that of the client. Even if they differ, ‘You just buy the best possible art for that person.’ That’s much easier,… Read More

Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson Fine Art Advisory Services

Thomas Gibson is, simply, legendary. He engineered some of the great art sales of the last century, including a Caravaggio to the National Gallery and Pollock’s Lavender Mist to the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. ‘The fact that the… Read More

Viola Ralkhel-Bolot

1858 Ltd

Raikhel-Bolot says HNWs need a healthy suspicion in choosing an art adviser: what is their motivation? Gallerists have stock to shift, auction houses want consignments, which is why she trumpets 1858’s ‘true independence and impartiality’: they work not for themselves… Read More