Family Business

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Juliette Johnson

Juliette Johnson Consultancy

Since setting up shop in 2013, Johnson has seen major growth driven by families accepting the need to plan to ensure that governance issues don’t disrupt the way that their business is run. Working mostly with multigenerational businesses, Johnson focuses… Read More

Ken McCracken

Withers Consulting Group

McCracken sees his role as a teacher, guide and facilitator to families when their affairs have become too complex or diverse for them to handle on their own. ‘The world is waking up to the area of governance and how… Read More

Mark Evans

Coutts Institute

‘Great family businesses have a clearly defined vision, one which the whole family buys into,’ says Evans, founder of the Coutts Institute. But ‘the more mature family businesses become, the more likely complex issues are to arise.’ The Coutts Institute… Read More

Peter Leach

Peter Leach & Partners

Families with enterprises have improved their ability to deal with issues that were previously ignored, says Leach. One of the founders of family business consulting, his own enterprise was recently acquired by Deloitte. ‘A few years ago people were more… Read More

Sandy Loder

AH Loder Advisers

A fifth generation member of the Fleming family, Loder ‘hit a glass ceiling’ and left the family business in 2010 — with a wealth of experience — to set up his own advisory service. His hands-on approach, which peaks with… Read More