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Amy Clarke


Clarke believes ‘the desire to do philanthropy is something everybody has’ — they just need something to trigger it. One such trigger Clarke is seeing has to do with massive generational wealth transfer. Parents are now deliberating on this ‘toxic… Read More

Anna Josse

Prism the Gift Fund

Prism the Gift Fund hasn’t changed its focus in over ten years —administering the giving of HNWs and UHNW individuals and foundations from the world over and teaching giving ‘in a tax effective manner’ — says Anna Josse, the CEO… Read More

Caroline Fiennes

Giving Evidence

Being an effective donor relies on using evidence. This is the crux of Giving Evidence, the consultancy and campaign established by Fiennes in 2011. Caroline Fiennes advises donors ‘about how to give money effectively,’ and campaigns to ‘influence the system… Read More

Ceris Gardner

Maurice Turnor Gardner

To her UHNW clients, Gardner isn’t just a solicitor — she’s a trusted adviser who helps them with issues ranging from succession, international tax, and the establishment of UK and offshore trusts, through to immigration, philanthropy, art and heritage property… Read More

Clive Cutbill


Understanding a client’s motivations is key to philanthropic consultancy, says Cutbill, whose senior position at Withers is both in Philanthropy and International Risk and Compliance. The role of the philanthropic advisor, says Cutbill, is multi-dimensional: to understand the client, the… Read More

Emma Turner


Described by a client as ‘the doyenne of giving,’ Turner is head of client philanthropy for Barclays. ‘There are lots of reasons,’ Turner says, why people decide to give. ‘A social conscience; faith; family; a life event; they want to… Read More

Fiona Halton

Philanthropy in Action

This year has been a busy one for Fiona Halton and Philanthropy in Action. She’s launched Social Venture Partners, where a group of HNWs meet to talk about how to give effectively and to investigate the causes they’ll support and… Read More

Gillian Murray


Charities are not businesses, but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from business skills. That’s what Pilotlight does: it marries executives and entrepreneurs with small- and medium-sized charities for ‘skills transfer’ to help the latter grow sustainably. It’s an arrangement… Read More

Jake Hayman


One of the coolest things about Jake Hayman, the CEO of Ten Years’ Time is what he does in his spare time: coaching poker to beginners who want to enter the wild world of the casino tournaments. Spear’s hasn’t yet… Read More

Jo Ensor

Philanthropy Workshop

Before Jo Ensor became a philanthropy adviser and educator, she worked in international development, helping hundreds of organisations to better the lives of millions across the developing world. ‘I know how hard it is,’ she tells Spear’s. ‘Now, I am… Read More

Kate Marsh

The Funding Network

TFN (pronounced ‘tiffin’) was the brainchild of, among others, Frederick Mulder (you may recognise him from page 160). He thought that philanthropy could use some more dynamism, so he set up TFN as a ‘live crowd-funding’ body: like Dragons’ Den,… Read More

Martin Kaufman

Martin Kaufman Philanthropy

Amid a contraction in giving and government grants, the arts suffer particularly badly, says Kaufman, who specialises in helping charitable organisations within the educational and cultural sectors. Hence his new move: ‘I have just spearheaded an important new initiative to… Read More

Maya Prabhu


‘We have had an exceptionally busy year over 2016 advising our clients on their philanthropy,’ says Maya Prabhu, managing director of the Coutts Institute. She’s added that the highlight of the year has been Coutts’ Bespoke Family Philanthropy Workshops which… Read More

Plum Lomax


Lomax has thirteen years of experience at NPC helping clients to narrow their focus, analysing charities, and advising on social investment. She talks of ‘landscaping research’; analysing charity land and assessing how giving can be most effective. Governmental policies, existing… Read More

Randi Weaver

Good Giving

It’s been a good year for Good Giving Consulting, says founder Randi Weaver. New clients have been coming in seeking her philantrophic advice — she stresses by personal recommendation only — and for Good Giving to provide a tailored philanthropy… Read More

Rebecca Eastmond

JP Morgan

‘Most of the things I’ve learnt over the years have all been from great philanthropists,’ says Eastmond who heads up JP Morgan’s UK philanthropy services team; ‘they all give more than their money.’ Eastmond believes that when clients look beyond… Read More

Rennie Hoare

C. Hoare & Co.

‘Growing up, it was my hope that I would be of sufficient interest to be invited to join the bank, and ultimately the partnership,’ recalls Rennie, part of the banking dynasty that began with the founding of C. Hoare &… Read More

Russell Prior


The next generation of philanthropists has been the highlight of 2016 for Russell Prior, head of philanthropy at HSBC Private Bank. He and his team ran a masterclass helping the next generation of HNW and UHNW families and individuals to… Read More

Simon Weil

Bircham Dyson Bell

Weil advises on a range of contentious and non-contentious legal matters relating to private wealth, and philanthropy is the bridge to his extensive and direct work with charities. He is currently a trustee of the Handel House Trust, a museum… Read More

Theresa Lloyd

Theresa Lloyd Associates

Lloyd’s consultancy offers giving advice to both private clients and institutions who want to develop strategies for their philanthropy. ‘Not everyone would talk to their lawyer or banker about what they saw as really private issues,’ says Lloyd, noting that… Read More

Tom Hall


‘Philanthropy has become a fundamental part of wealth management,’ says Tom Hall, head of philanthropy services in the UK for UBS. With more than 14 years’ experience in the charity and philanthropy sector, he is well equipped to advise the… Read More