Q & A

Why are you industry leaders? What are the advantages for HNWs working with you, as opposed to working with another firm/acting alone?

We have one of the largest. Our coverage in the country market is unrivalled. Our directors and associate directors have all been in the industry for an average of 20 years each. We benefit from the vast knowledge and reservoir of information that come out of our parent company, Savills, the largest property adviser in the UK.


How has Britain’s property market changed in the last decade? What is your firm doing to adapt?

It has become more common place for normal professional people to use our services. We have employed people who are just as able to look after the everyman, as well as the super-rich.


What are the main challenges and/or opportunities in your sector at the moment? How would you characterise them?

Lack of quality stock available at the right price. The opportunities have come with our flexible approach to taking on lower value searches and looking at investment buyers, both in London and the country.


What separates the great from the good in your field?

Those that work hardest and are the most honest have the greatest success. No room for luck, well not much! Those that have been in the game a long time, but are still not too proud to ask the rest of the team for help!


What is the best and worst part of your job?

The best part is making clients and their families very happy in buying their dream home. The worst part is coming second!


Do you have a mantra, or working philosophy?

To do what is right, come what may. Always be available and to work very hard.


Do/did you have a mentor?

Mark Osborne. A super-agent of his day and still is. He knew me best and highlighted all my faults as well as my strengths in a letter he wrote when I left his employment.


Charlie Wells Q&A