Q & A

What is Wine Owners?

The platform for enthusiasts and collectors to manage, track and trade fine wine.

 How do you reassure clients are getting value for money and not getting swept up in a bubble?

Wine Owners introduces a level of transparency to the fine wine market not before experienced by private clients who appreciate the value of direct access. At a glance, members can see current and historical prices, as well as best retail benchmark prices from a wide range of merchants. They can bid and offer spreads, and view associated information that informs their decisions such as production data and reviews.

Also our commissions are lower than the rest of the wine market, so members are able to get a very good deal either side of the trade.

Market transparency, direct market access, detailed wine information and low commissions guarantee members will always get best value for money.

How does your work in technology and marketing inform your work on a wine index?

The data explosion caused by the move to online means that there is no lack of information, which can be very confusing. Organising and making sense of it for the benefit of all market participants – so that it’s actionable and a saves time –  is the key to any successful information-driven business. That’s what we offer wine lovers and collectors. 

 How do you hope Wine Owners will disrupt the wine industry?

All we really care about is the private client. Can we make it easier for members to do what they want to do, be more informed, have more fun doing it? If we can fulfil that purpose, and respond to what they’re telling us they need on an ongoing basis, we’re doing our job. Disruption isn’t our purpose.

How does Wine Owners help those with no knowledge or experience of wine but who want to build a collection?

Informing those first steps into fine wine collecting and appreciation is something we really enjoy. These days you have a choice: surf the internet, spend hours on lots of different web sites, and piece it all together gradually, or alternatively, register on Wine Owners and explore the world of fine wine with access to a vast resource integrated with information on wines you may already own and a peer-to-peer exchange. Members who want help can call up their own wine expert at Wine Owners, safe in the knowledge that we are totally neutral, have no vested interest and no supplier relationships or positions to protect.



Nick Martin Q&A