Sophie Jewson


Sophie Jewson   Jewson’s first job was as a professional chef, which she describes as ‘a remarkably useful experience for dealing with difficult people, multitasking and troubleshooting all sorts of potential disasters’. Eight years ago, she decided to move to… Read More

Simon Allister

Vestra Wealth

‘There’s a Warren Buffett quote that’s quite pertinent to a lot of our clients: “I want to give my kids just enough so that they would feel that they could do anything, but not so much that they would feel… Read More

Nick Green


‘When I first started, clients were very polite in asking: “How long have you been at Coutts?”, rather than “How old are you?”’ says Green. A decade on, he’s still aware that finance is a constant proving ground. ‘It’s always… Read More

Kirsty Acton

Capital Generation Partners

Acton isn’t interested in short-term investing. As a marathon runner, she is used to focusing on endurance rather than a sprint — a philosophy that suits capgen, the boutique firm she joined last year and where she serves multi-generational international… Read More

Cordelia Bowdery

Rothschild Wealth Management

‘It was a bit of a baptism by fire — the financial crisis quickly unrolled,’ says Bowdery, describing how her career began in 2007 with Stockbroker Killik & Co. now at Rothschild, the approachable and engaging client adviser says she… Read More

Sangna Chauhan

Charles Russell Speechlys

Chauhan, one of the new breed of tax advisers, is focusing on coherent rather than creative solutions. ‘My generation has grown up in a professional atmosphere of compliance and transparency,’ she says. ‘The old attitude: “How can we hide money?”… Read More

Paul Fairbairn


‘When I started, tax avoidance was a positive thing — it’s now a dirty word,’ says Fairbairn. ‘At a firm like Withers — and as a solicitor — you’re not just looking at what works, you’re looking at what’s acceptable.’… Read More

Mark Lindley

Boodle Hatfield

Lindley isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. ‘I always enjoy the big-ticket offshore trusts litigation,’ he says, mentioning a big case in Guernsey that has potentially spilled over to the English courts. ‘That would have very serious tax consequences;… Read More

Ceri Vokes


A likeable former corporate lawyer with an active sports and City-centric client base, Vokes advises doms and non-doms alike on ‘all aspects’ of wealth planning, focusing on tax-efficient investment structuring and investment by individuals and trustees into private equity funds,… Read More

Rebecca Fitchett

RLM Finsbury

A former lawyer educated at Oxford, Fitchett switched to PR in 2012 after realising a future neither in public policy, nor as a barrister, was for her. ‘I concluded that PR was a lot more interesting than I first appreciated,’… Read More