Martin Kaufman

Martin Kaufman Philanthropy

‘I have been fortunate enough to have worked in major gift fundraising since my first job in fundraising in 1991, when I ran the National Trust’s Sutton House Appeal in Hackney,’ Martin Kaufman says to the Institute of Fundraising. Since… Read More

Jon Kinnell

Charities Aid Foundation

‘We promote London and the UK as a global philanthropic hub [as] the UK’s regulatory environment provides for a transparent and stable system,’ says Jon Kinnell, private clients senior manager at Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). Regardless of Brexit or the… Read More

Anne Josse

Prism the Gift Fund

Philanthropic giving to Prism the Gift Fund, a charity which seeks to increase funding for good causes, has increased in the past year with contributions ‘exceeding’ £12 million, says its CEO and chairman Anna Josse, who advises UHNW donors and… Read More

Jake Hayman

Ten Years’ Time

Jake Hayman, CEO of Ten Years’ Time, is passionate about positive change in the world. He enthuses: ‘The philanthropy that I have time for is the ambitious end of philanthropy that wants to confront issues of power and failing systems,… Read More

Fiona Halton

Philanthropy in Action

Philanthropic visionary and first Red Nose Day co-director Fiona Halton today works HNWs and companies to help them make giving a win/win for all concerned. ‘I want individual donors to feel excited about their giving,’ Halton says, ‘to be at… Read More

Tom Hall


‘Philanthropy has grown to become a fundamental part of wealth management,’ says Tom Hall, head of philanthropy services in the UK for UBS. With more than 12 years’ experience in the charitable sector, he is well equipped to advise the… Read More

Ceris Gardner

Maurice Turnor Gardner

A private client super-solicitor, Ceris Gardner helps those with the desire and resources to help others. ‘Dealing with these individuals has its own challenges, but the satisfaction of piecing together the jigsaw, which in many cases is more than three… Read More

Céline Gagnon

The Funding Network

Chief executive of The Funding Network (TFN) Céline Gagnon has some ten years’ experience in the charity sector, including overseeing development at the Tricycle Theatre in North West London. Since 2016 she has run TFN, a crowdfunding body for charities… Read More

Caroline Fiennes

Giving Evidence

Caroline Fiennes, director and founder of the philanthropic consultancy and campaign Giving Evidence, advises her clients to use an evidence-based approach to their charitable giving. ‘Among the donors who call us up, there is more interest in doing a good… Read More

Jo Ensor

The Philanthropy Workshop

‘I’ve seen a renewed focus on local philanthropy, and greater awareness of the deep inequalities that exist in North America, Europe and developing economies,’ says Jo Ensor. The Philanthropy Workshop (TPW) CEO has helped more than 50 philanthropists develop their… Read More