Helen Watson

Rothschild Wealth Management

Since 2015, Helen Watson has been CEO of Rothschild Wealth Management UK, and it’s been a boom time for the firm. In 2016, under Watson’s stewardship, the UK wealth management business saw a £1.3 billion increase in AuM and a… Read More

Camilla Stowell

Coutts Private Office

An industry veteran with more than 20 years’ experience, Camilla Stowell joined Coutts Private Office in 2007, having previously worked in client management roles at Lloyds Private Banking, Drummonds and Schroders Private Bank. She was appointed head of Coutts International… Read More

Daniel Pinto

Stanhope Capital

‘Beyond our traditional wealth management business, Stanhope is also a club of like-minded co-investors who are often entrepreneurs themselves,’ says Stanhope CEO Daniel Pinto. ‘They bring more than money but also the intelligence, the network, the energy to actually re-engineer… Read More

Amit Kotha

RBC Wealth Management

Few bankers enjoy the same trust and respect among the UK’s growing number of South-East Asian UHNW residents as Amit Kotha: this gives the Canadian bank a clear edge. Indeed, his books have seen ‘around 30 per cent’ growth in… Read More

Giles Pascoe

Goldman Sachs

A first-choice private banker to UHNW entrepreneurs, City bigwigs and landed families, Giles Pascoe garners plenty of praise from peers. A co-chair of Goldman Sachs’ EMEA advisory council, he leads a formidable investment unit on Goldman’s private wealth management team… Read More

Jeremy Knowland

Citi Private Bank

Jeremy Knowland’s first foray into wealth management came on his 14th birthday, when his father gave him a selection of share tipster sheets, hoping to educate him on the markets. He sank his savings into an Australian gold mining company:… Read More

Charlie Hoffman

HSBC Private Banking

A peer observes: ‘Charlie Hoffman is unmatched at providing a personal service while leveraging a huge organisation.’ When Spear’s speaks to Hoffman, the totemic wealth manager is recuperating from a snapped Achilles tendon: ‘I do lots of dangerous sports, sky-diving… Read More

Dina de Angelo

Pictet Wealth Management

Dina de Angelo has spent her entire career as a private banker, working with large families and family offices — substantial clients with complex, global requirements and a demand for seasoned service. She has been a director at Pictet since… Read More

William Drake

Owl Private Office

One of the most experienced hands in the industry, William Drake co-founded Lord North Street with Adam Wethered in 2000 before selling the business to Sandaire in 2014. The duo have teamed up again, this time joined by fellow City… Read More

Jim Bouley

Julius Baer

Arizona-born Jim Bouley is an industry sage. The lesson is to ‘never get complacent,’ he says. ‘Don’t underestimate the element of surprise, whether they’re markets, events or politics: there’s always something that impacts on the work we do every day.’… Read More